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DG. ACR Ltd – UK’S Leading Commercial Vehicle Accident Repair Specialist Yorkshire

Company Profile

Dean Gawthrope first delved into the world of body repairs as a young eager 16 year old in and out of the workshop of Jack Harris Body Shop. It was here that every Saturday Dean began honing his own skills learning as he went. It was at the age of 21 that Gawthrope Commercial Repairs were born and Dean started to carve a career of his own from a small workshop in Wakefield. Back then there was not the technology that has now become the foundation of one of the leading Commercial Vehicle Repair Specialists in the UK and it is for this reason that the manual capabilities learnt and perfected in the earlier days are still very much alive within Dean and his work force today.

Now operating in a vast workspace located on Headlands Lane, West Yorkshire, which leaves no want for space proves just how respected and in demand D Gawthropes is. The through flow of work see’s everything from articulated lorries to sprinter vans and cars. The trust, respect and quality of work that Gawthrope’s have provided over the years is what has earnt contracts from some of the UK’s most well established brands including ASDA, FMG Support and DHL, the list goes on.

The bottom line here is that D. Gawthropes has grown into a well-established, renowned, reliable provider of quality commercial repairs built on the basis of the best technology and knowledge of accident repairs.


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