Thatcham Escribe – Car Body Shop Repair Tool

Here at DG ACR Ltd we partner with Thatcham Research to complete repairs. With Thatcham Escribe, users can quickly build up a repair specification, by using the new Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) Look up which helps ensure the correct methods for a particular vehicle, and then by selecting the exact components required to build a comprehensive repair methods pack with critical safety data and model specific methods, which exactly match the damaged vehicle.

Escribe delivers a fully defined, step-by-step workflow for each repair process and adds an individual job and Bodyshop specific reference, dated and timed, to help ensure compliance with bodyshop standards.

Utilising Thatcham Escribe enables us to:

  • Avoid unnecessary intrusive repairs by focusing only on the damaged area of the vehicle
  • Avoid common-but-costly damage and breakages by using smart-but-simple techniques that few people are aware of
  • Avoid delays by pre-ordering parts you would not know you needed
  • Avoiding rework by following processes that optimise the quality of the repair

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