CSC – Camera and Sensor Calibration

for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Roads are becoming safer thanks to the increasing number of advanced driver assistance systems being put into vehicles and making for more comfortable journeys. These radar and camera systems were initially reserved for the premium segment; however, they have now branched into other segments, including compact and mid-class vehicles. Garages however are now facing the new challenge of being able to calibrate and inspect the new systems properly. At D.Gawthrope, our Camera and Sensor Calibration Tool (CSC) is the complete, convenient and modular solution.

With our CSC tool we are able to provide a professional multi-brand system enabling us to calibrate various advanced driver assistance systems. Our CSC tool is a modular system, this means it can be customised and even expanded to the various requirements for differing vehicles.

Advanced driver assistance system

Our CSC system can calibrate the following features:

  • Multi-collision brakes

  • Adaptive cruise control

  • Lane assist

  • Automatic parking assist

  • Driver drowsiness detection

  • Road sign detection

CSC West Yorkshire

D.Gawthrope ACR LTD – Approved Users of CSC Machinery

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The advantages of our CSC Tool

As with all of our diagnostic tools we have focused on how to best adapt our CSC Tool and system to the specific needs of clients.

How it works

Our CSC Tool is on a base rack with adjustment bar and gauge heads with 2 supports. The modular system we use enables us to add manufacturer specific calibration tables and additional modules for the many differing advanced driver assistance systems. There is a front camera which is used for the lane departure warning system, a radar sensor for the automatic distance control, and a camera for the intelligent light system can all be calibrated with the diagnostic tools of our CSC at a more cost-effective price.

Measurement accuracy maximised

The cameras and sensors of driver assistance systems must be calibrated with maximum precision, the measuring systems used by some of the driver assistance systems only have a range of several hundred miles, if there is a slight displacement of the position of the radar head or camera in correlation to the geometric axle, this can cause the system to fail or give incorrect results. Our CSC Tool works with a very low tolerance level, meaning its precision provides for more accurate results meaning increased road safety and highly satisfied clients.

Camera and sensor calibration

More of the benefits of our CSC Tool

  • Documentation of any adjustment and/or calibration via hard copy printout and in vehicle in history

  • Can adjust to most camera and radar systems

  • Excellent measuring accuracy and results

  • Cost saving

CSC measuring tool

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