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Consumers that find themselves involved in a Non Fault Accident are entitled to a lot more than what they think they are. Very few of us are aware of this as the majority of us just telephone our Insurance Company and have them deal with it. We presume that this is the way to do things because most of us don’t know of any other way.

Consumers need to differentiate between Fault & Non Fault. Our course of action should differ dependant on the scenario in question. If we are at fault then for sure it’s a Doom & Gloom situation and we should let our insurance companies deal with the fall out, after all what do we pay our premiums for?. If we are not at fault then we should expect to be treated as so, and when I say this I mean, minimum disruption to our lives, a speedy outcome, a replacement vehicle like the one we are having to have repaired (by no fault of our own I may add) a more than suitable repair garage (one that we can decide on if we so wish), legal advice and representation and anything else that might be relevant. This service should be standard and not be costing us a penny.

It’s unlikely that you will get this with your insurance company but you will with some Accident Management Companies. Accident Management Companies don’t sell insurance they manage accidents and you’d be hard pushed to find a better Accident Management Company than RTR UK Ltd (Road To Recovery) one of the very few, if not the only, Award Winning Accident Management Company in the UK.

Being involved in an accident is never going to be fun regardless of who is at fault but by partnering with RTR UK Ltd we at DG ACR LTD can at least give our customers the best advice possible when they are having to deal with the fall out from a Non fault Accident.

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